Up skill your game by joining our vibrant community and elevate cloud security skills through the most captivating, gamified, and hands-on lab experience ever seen!

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Why SecurityLabs?

SecurityLabs is a hands-on online cloud security training platform for all kinds of individuals,companies and universities around the planet to take your hacking skills to next level.

Gamified Learning

SecurityLabs makes learning fun. Compete with other players for scoreboard and badges,maintain your streaks and earn points to unlock special content.

Made for All

Our labs and challenges are presented in a way such that, anyone from a complete beginner to a hardcore hacker can train and upgrade their skills.

It never gets boring

Join our discord server and engage with an awesome community having a common ambition of mastering cloud security.


Hands-on experience that you will ever need! These ever-expanding labs will help you hone your skills,techniques and tricks.

The Headstarters

Small challenges geared towards beginners to get a firm understanding of Cloud Services and their security implications. Worry Not, You will be Guided:)

The Challengers

Multiple challenging labs designed to get hands-on experience by hacking into discrete cloud targets.

The Immortals

Immersive labs benchmarked against real corporate environments with multiple server and services under a single goal to HACK ’em all